S3A8S449F.jpg (31778 bytes)S3A8S449.jpg (33723 bytes)Asante (Ashanti, Achanti, Ashante, Ashanti), Ghana

“Fairy-tale” mmoatia figure. The Asante region of southern Ghana is a remnant of the Ashanti Empire, which was founded in the early 17th century when; according to legend, a golden stool descended from heaven into the lap of the first king, Osei Tutu. Asante was the largest and most powerful of a series of states formed in the forest region of southern Ghana by people known as the Akan. Among the factors leading the Akan to form states, perhaps the most important was that they were rich in gold. The stretch of the Atlantic coast now in Ghana became known in Europe as the Gold Coast. Rather naturalistically carved wood figures in various positions were used to illustrate legends or stories. They are called mmoatia or “fairy-tale” figures. This Janus figure presenting male and female figures and made as a candlestick belongs to this group.

Material: wood

Size: 9”x3”x3”

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