G2B9O999.jpg (25772 bytes)Baga (Bagga), Guinea

Ceremonial bowl with Nimba images .  The various peoples known as Baga and numbering some 65,000 occupy a narrow stretch of marshy lowland along the Atlantic lagoons of the Republic of Guinea. Spiritually they believe in a single god who is assisted by a male and a female spirit. They grow rice in the marshy area flooded six months of the year, during which time the only way to get around is by a dugout canoe. The men also fish and grow cola nuts. The bowl is decorated with Nimba (D’mba) images. The Nimba represents the very essence of Baga dignity and culture. It is the illustration of the concept of female fecundity, guarantor of the future and carrier of the cultural value.  The bowls of this type were used in marriage ceremonies and as a shrine piece.

Material:  wood

Size:   H. 42”, W. 15”, D. 15”

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