S5B9M311S.jpg (47216 bytes)s5b9m311.jpg (40468 bytes)Bassa (Basa), Liberia

Geh-naw ceremonial mask. The Bassa territory lies in the middle of present-day Liberia. Their economy is based on rice which they cultivate around small villages with the population around two hundred. Like other neighboring tribes, the Bassa have several male and female societies.Bassa artistic tradition has been influenced by their northeastern neighbors, the Dan. With graceful, gliding dances the geh-naw masqueraders entertain the spectators when initiated boys return from bush camp, when important guests visit the village, and on other festive occasions. The dancer wears the mask, which is attached to a woven framework, on his forehead. The mask is intended to convey a sense of grace and serenity.

Material: wood

Size:   H. 9”, L. 5”, W. 4”