U4B4M138S.jpg (38629 bytes)u4b4m138.jpg (49588 bytes)Baule (Baoule, Bawule) Côte d’Ivoire

Dance Mask.  The present mask belongs to those masks of entertainment that appear during the course of dance events. These festivities, associated with women, in the past would take place several times per week, as well as at funerals of important persons. These masks are kept in a hut in the village and are borne exclusively by men. The masks of this kind are sculpted in the image of persons admired for their beauty and their quality as dancers. These portrait masks are essentially inspired on female models. The ornaments on top of human face masks are always described as purely decorative, very often it is animal horns springing straight from the head. This composition maybe a veiled suggestion that the sharp distinction between humans and animals is artificial and sometimes blurred.

Material:  wood

Size:  H. 14”, W. 8”, D. 3½”