o8b9m569.jpg (26572 bytes)Boa (Baboa, Ababua, Ababwa, Bua), Democratic Republic of the Congo

War mask. Some 200,000 Boa live between the Congo River and its right Oubangui tributary. They are mainly farmers and are in frequent contact with the Mangbetu and the Zande. The Boa are known principally for their masks, believed to be used in war-related ceremonies, particularly to enhance a warrior’s courage or to celebrate victories. Their power was thought to make men invincible and weaken the enemy. The masks have set apart prominent, pierced, round ears suggesting alertness, and are covered more often with white and black pigments. Only sparing information about the Boa masks’ use is available.

Material:  wood

Size: 8”x20”x4”

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