N4D5M551S.jpg (44149 bytes)N4D5M551.jpg (49885 bytes)Dan (Gio, Gioh, Gyo,Yacouba, Yakuba), Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia

Deangle Mask. Among the Dan people, masks are not controlled by a men’s association, but instead are owned by families and used by individual lineage members in contexts of social control, boy’s circumcision camps, and entertainment. Visually, the Dan masqueraders show an opposition between female beauty and gentleness and male fierceness and power. The Deangle mask, shown here, is a naturalistic mask with human features, representing a female forest spirit. These masks with oval faces and slit or circular eyes portray type of spirit whose attributes and behavior are feminine. When the deangle masks are used in the boy’s circumcision camp located in a sacred forest grove, their function is to provide the boys with a calm surrogate feminine presence and to instruct boys in adult male responsibilities, social roles, and proper behavior. In such a context, masquerades serve as devices of learning, as well as facilitate the initiate’s access to the knowledge and secrets controlled by the most powerful male elders.

Material:   wood

Size: 11½”x6½”x3½”