G8D7M908R.jpg (34024 bytes)G8D7M908.jpg (31383 bytes)Dogon (Dogo, Habbé, Kado, Kibisi, Tombo), Mali & Burkina Faso

Face Kanaga Mask. Over seventy anthropomorphic and zoomorphic mask types have been recorded among the Dogon. They appeared mostly during dama memorial ceremonies, which were held to accompany the dead into the ancestral realm and restore order to the universe. A characteristic feature of this type is the form of a dual cross with short bars extending upwards or downwards from the end of the crossbars. The kanaga, one of the most widespread types, represents a bird known as kommolo tebu. Its origin is traced back to a mythical hunter who, having killed one of these birds, fabricated the first kanaga mask in its likeness. The color scheme of the superstructure – black squares over a white background – evokes the black and white feathers of the kommolo tebu bird.  Kanaga masqueraders, who generally appear in large groups, present very exciting dances, which have become a traditional popular attraction.

Material:  wood

Size:  H. 39”, W. 20”, D. 7 ˝”



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