G4D7S021R.jpg (21238 bytes)G4D7S021S.jpg (27770 bytes)G4D7021.jpg (17572 bytes)Dogon (Dogo, Habbé, Kado, Kibisi, Tombo), Mali & Burkina Faso

Female Ancestor Figure with Child. The 250,000 Dogon people inhabit the large Bandiagara plateau, with most of the villages situated on cliffs to the north and the east. Living in this beautiful, bare and austere landscape, the Dogon are among African cultures who have remained closest to their ancestral traditions. Dogon art is extremely versatile, although common stylistic characteristics – such as a tendency towards stylization – are apparent on the statues. Dogon figures are predominantly associated with the ancestor cult and very complex mythology. They are carved either for personal or family use or, if they commemorate the foundation of a community, are worshipped by the village. This figure outstanding by its composition is thought to illustrate an event in the Dogon mythology.


Material:  wood

Size:   H. 40˝”, W. 8”, D. 9”.