N1F7M233S.jpg (41859 bytes)N1F7M233.jpg (44285 bytes)Fang (Fan, Mpangwe, Pahuin, Pamue, Pangwe), Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon

Ngil mask. The territory covered by the Fang extends from the south-west Cameroon to the Ogooue River in Gabon and includes Equatorial Guinea. The art of the Fang, who live in dark, forested areas, is one of the most peaceful and expressive to be found. Among the Fang the ancestor was the axis of society, guardian of the living world and the life to come. The Fang used masks in the ngil secret society. This mask presents a mixture of human and animal features what is rather rare for the Fang. The white color suggests that it was used to evoke the spirits of the dead and to enlist their help in dealing with the problems of the living. We do not know the specific function of the mask.

Material:  wood

Size: H. 16”, W. 8”, D. 5”