T8F9O019R.jpg (22582 bytes)T8F9O019S.jpg (15762 bytes)T8F9O019.jpg (27451 bytes)Fanti (Fante, Agona), Ghana

Twins acua’ba. Fante peoples, along with Asante, comprise two of the largest and best known ethnic groups that make up the Akan. Akan is a generic term used to refer to a large number of linguistically related peoples who live in southern Ghana and southeastern Côte d'Ivoire. The wooden dolls (akua’ba) are associated with fertility. The best-known use of these figurines is an aid to conception, that is, the figure would be consecrated by a priest who invokes the influence of his cult deity to induce pregnancy. Women already pregnant may carry such a figurine to ensure save delivery and an attractive child. Among the Fanti twins are the most desirable, and such a doll may help.  If the birth is a success, the figurine may be returned to the priest’s shrine as a thank offering.

Material: wood

Size: H. 19½”, W. 4”, D. 3”