L7B9S294R.jpg (25672 bytes)L7B9S294S.jpg (19867 bytes)l7b9s294.jpg (20824 bytes)Bamileke or Bangwa, Cameroon

Statue of a Musician.  The most important Cameroon Grasslands kingdom in the south is the Bamileke circle (Batcham, Bandjoun, Bangwa, and others). There are one to four millions Bamileke spread over the plateaus, in communities that have from 50,000 to 100,000. They are organized into a hundred kingdoms. The Bamileke are well known for the vigor and splendor of their art. Every kingdom is headed by the king (fon), who represents god and the ancestors. Various art objects of nobility and prestige were created for the fon and the surrounding dignitaries. Art objects were symbols of position in the hierarchy. This statue represents a musician who served one of the fons. This beautifully idealized image combines roundness and plasticity of shapes characteristic of many craftsmen in Cameroon.

Material: wood, rope

Size:   H. 42”, W. 9”,  D. 7”