N7K7S133S.jpg (32972 bytes)n7k7s133.jpg (23697 bytes)Kongo (Bakongo, Bashikongo, Kakongo),  Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Congo Republic

Ceremonial Statue. The Kongo may number about three million people. Present in three countries the Kongo occupy the region at the mouth of the Congo River. Numerous subgroups go to form the vast Kongo cultural complex, among which are the Vili, the Woyo and the Yombe. Wood statues of this type represent hunters or healers. A knee resting on the ground is the position offering respect to the king. The Kongo used red wood powder to decorate their bodies and to dye raffia cloth, especially to use in mourning costumes. The powder for bodies could be taken from holes made in the stomach of such figures. A Janus aspect of the fetish emphasizes its capacity for seeing beyond the universe.

Material:  wood

Size:  H. 23”, W. 8”, D. 7”

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