B2K6O117F1.jpg (36853 bytes)Kuba (Bakuba, Bushongo), Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ceremonial drum.  Today the Kuba people number 250,000. They form a confederation of nineteen ethnic groups dominated by the Bushoong. Each clan pays tribute to the king of the Bushoong ruling clan, but their internal affairs are dealt with autonomously. The rivers which define the Kuba territory provide the fish consumed in the area. They cultivate manioc, corn, gourds, bananas, pineapples, cassava, and tobacco. The Kuba weave beautiful raffia cloth, which is embroidered by the women and traded to surrounding areas. The art of the Kuba is one of the most highly developed of all African traditions, and significant cultural accomplishments are part of their heritage. The drum is an indispensable musical instrument for different ceremonies of the Kuba people. This drum decorated with beautifully carved human heads and women figures is a very good example of ceremonial drums.

Material:  wood, leather

Size:   H. 26”, W. 9”, D. 8”.                                               B2K6O117S.jpg (39662 bytes)B2K6O117T.jpg (49195 bytes)