I7L9M105S.jpg (31508 bytes)I7L9M105.jpg (43771 bytes)Ligbi, Côte d'Ivoire

Do ceremonial mask. The Islamized communities who live as traders and artisans among non-Moslem groups in extensive areas of northern Côte d'Ivoire are known for an institution called Do or Lo, one of whose most striking public manifestations is colorful masquerade dancing. The performance of the maskers is accompanied by singing and dancing, expresses the joy. The Do masks, in style and design, recalls the kpeliye masks of the Senufo, from which they are derived. Its regular features reflect the Ligbis’ ideal of feminine beauty. These masks are danced during the funerals of distinguished Moslem holy men, and their performances also mark critical moments during the Muslim calendar year, and at the end of Ramadan, the moth-long Islamic fast. The masqueraders are greatly admired for the grace of their dance movements, which they perform in pairs and in perfect unison.

Material: wood

Size: H. 19”, W. 9”, D. 5½”