B3L6S890.jpg (40950 bytes)Luba (Baluba, Kaluba, Louba, Uruwa, Waluba, Warua), Democratic Republic of the Congo

Double Bowl Figure. One million Luba people inhabit the entire southeastern part of the DRC, as far as Tanganyika and Lake Mweru. Their art has had enormous influence over neighboring peoples. Luba kings and chiefs distribute carved regalia at their installation rituals as a way of extending royal power to outlying areas. The possession of an item of insignia was considered a proof of legitimacy, affirming ties to the Luba court. Bowl figures are owned by both chiefs and diviners to honor and remember the critical role played by the first mythical diviner Mijibu wa Kalenga, in the founding of kingship. Rulers keep such figures at their doors, filled with a sacred white chalk, associated with purity, renewal, and the spirit world.  Often, however, these figures are prerogative of royal diviners, who use them as oracles. (Two pieces.)

Material:  wood

Size: H. 18”, W. 13”, D. 14”

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