W5L9O611.jpg (45272 bytes)W5L9O611R.jpg (48434 bytes)Lwena (Aluena, Kaluena, Lovale, Luena, Lurale), Angola, DRC and Zambia

Comb. The Lwena live in Angola, and also in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Zambia. They support themselves mainly from fishing in the wet plains at the source of the Zambezi River. Lwena art is largely based on that of the Jokwe but includes a more refined use of full, round shapes. All in all, it is a very female art related to a tribal social structure in which women play important role, including that of chief. They appear to have focused their skills on carving human figures or heads, which are usually found on decorative ‘prestige’ objects such as this beautiful comb. The quality or elaboration of a particular object is an immediate indicator of status, but not necessarily reflects its symbolic power or meaning.

Material:  wood

Size: 7”x3”x1”