R8M7O162.jpg (18919 bytes)Marka (Warka), Mali

Dance device. The 400,000 Marka are a Mande subgroup. They live principally from agriculture with some subsidiary cattle. The dry savanna permits no more than a subsistence economy, and the soil produces, with some difficulty, millet, rice, and beans. Their style shows a strong Bambara influence. Typical for their traditional masks and other art items are metal sheeting with geometrical design, and small red tassels.   The Marka are famous mostly for their masks and puppets. The devices of this type presenting the horse, which has been a very prestigious animal, were used in dances during various festivities.

Material:  wood, cupper sheeting, cotton tassels, animal hair

Size:   H. 30”, W. 9”, D. 3”

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