M0N9S220.jpg (38661 bytes)Namji (Doyayo, Dowayo, Namchi, Namshi), Cameroon

Fertility doll. The Namji people of Cameroon create a wide variety of important tribal dolls used by young girls and older women. Most often they are objects of play for girls who are priming themselves for motherhood. The figures can be purchased as new from a market or passed down from mother to child. The carved styles will differ but all will adhere to Namji traditional custom. The dolls perform one basic function, which is to promote fertility. When played with and cared for the young girls learn how to tend to a baby. Much like in other cultures where the children dress the doll up in clothes and carry it around as if it were real. The dolls  are carved from wood and then usually decorated with various decorative items.

Material: wood, beads, shells, metal

Size:  H. 11”, W. 5”, D. 3”

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