M4N8S667.jpg (39786 bytes)Namji (Doyayo, Dowayo, Namchi, Namshi), Cameroon

Fertility fetish.   The Namji people living in the west of the north Cameroon.created a wide variety of important tribal dolls used by young girls and older women. The dolls are held by young Namji women to ensure their fertility. These dolls in general can have duel objectivity. In special cases where an older woman is having trouble conceiving or bearing a child, perceived objects of play can become serious items of worship that are believed to possess magical, spiritual qualities. They are crafted specially for the individual in need by one select carver. The doll is then endowed with supernatural powers by the Nganga (tribal spiritualist) in hopes to grant the wish of the patron. The object is subject to food offerings and prayer on a regular basis by the owner to maintain the objects' level of power. They are carved from wood and then usually decorated with various decorative items.

Material:  wood, shells, seeds, leather, fiber, beads, metal

Size:  18”x 9”x 4”


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