O0T9O399S.jpg (28538 bytes)O0T9O399.jpg (27559 bytes)Toma (Loma, Lorma), Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea

Chief emblem.  Settled in the northwest of Liberia, western Sierra Leone, and eastern Guinea, the 200,000 Toma live in the high-altitude rain forest. They organized their political and religious life around the poro association. This society was, among other things, responsible for the initiation of young boys that took place in the forest, which is particularly dense in the land of the Toma. According to one source, this chief emblem is used during different ceremonies connected to initiation. It presents images of two Landai initiation masks that symbolize the legendary ancestor and spoke a secret language. These masks appeared in public when it was time for male youths to be initiated into adulthood.


Material: wood

Size: 15x5”x5”