E3W8M290S.jpg (46019 bytes)e3w8m290.jpg (39827 bytes)We (Wee), Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire

Mahgle mask. Mah means bird, gle means mask. The name We encompasses the kru-speaking Guere and Wobe. They are estimated at 100,000. The We live in the southwest of the forested Côte d’Ivoire and the southeast of Liberia. Both peoples have numbers of masks figures, who belong to family lineage associations and are controlled by a masquerade society. They embody nature spirits. Singing, dancing or beggar masks serve to entertain the populace; the more significant king, war, initiation, guard and runner masks oversee social and political affairs and appear at rituals associated with the harvest and burials. The We believe that certain birds portend good fortune, particularly when encountered on a perilous journey. A mask carved in the likeness of one of these birds is believed to bring good luck to its owner and his family.

Material: wood

Size: H. 19”, W. 7½”, D. 6½”